How We Do It......


In each case, a telephone call is made to every debtor (if telephone number is known) the day the account is received, at which time arrangements hopefully will be made for prompt, voluntary payment. A letter is also sent to each delinquent account the same day it is received in this office. The letter notifies that we have been employed to recover the balance due and we are requesting immediate payment. We also send an acknowledgment to you for each account on the day the file opens.

Any prolonged payment arrangements agreed upon are followed closely to ensure that debtors adhere to said arrangements. We will attempt to obtain a Promissory Note to further secure said payment schedule. Statutory interest is computed and added to all balances, plus any costs and fees as provided for by any contract, notes or other supporting documentation that the debtor may have executed. To encourage prompt payment, we recommend waiving interest and other charges, provided the principal amount is paid promptly. Also, we encourage negotiating for a reasonable settlement, which would be subject to your approval, to encourage prompt payments as an alternative to a protracted payments schedule or legal action.


We have considerable resources in locating debtors, with certain limitations. Many debtors move without leaving any forwarding address and other accounts are only in the name of the wife and not in joint with her husband. Collections of this nature are always difficult; however, when an account balance is over $1500.00 we feel considerable skip tracing efforts are justified.


In the event debtor fails to make voluntary payment, we would then refer the account directly to an attorney in the debtor's area who is bonded and specializes in collection work. No suit would be filed nor would you be exposed to any expense, unless your specific authorization is given. If any attorney recommends suit, said recommendation would be submitted to you for your perusal.


As a service to you, we file all necessary Proofs of Claim with the Bankruptcy Court on a timely basis to ensure that your interests are protected and said claims are filed properly on your behalf. It will be necessary for you to promptly submit any bankruptcy notifications you receive, along with copies of complete supporting documentation, in order for us to properly prepare the Bankruptcy Affidavits and file them on your behalf.


A report is submitted to you every time a development worthy of mention occurs. You are kept informed every step of the way, normally within the first 10 working days, and then every 20 to 30 days. You may also view your accounts online.


We remit all payments promptly upon bank clearance of debtor checks. For large volume clients, a monthly statement may be preferred. All funds are put in a non-interest bearing trust account awaiting clearance.